Land not for sale

This land belongs to our people

Good morning,

Although I hate it, but I like my country.

What if !!

What if the borders were open and we could buy coca cola and pepsi like regular people and go shopping in malls, or even go on trips every weekend?!?!

But hey !!

We smell cooking oil all the time, because of the fuel crisis, drivers started using the cooking oil as fuel. Which really smells bad.

People say in peoms talking about their country, they smell roses & stuff like that… Bla Bla Bla…

We smell cooking oil 😯

Still it’s a home. But a home I’m ready to leave for a while. Till things get better.

Sometimes you have to let things be, or let it go.

Just let go, the universe has a magnificant way of aligning and fixing itself.


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