The Biggest Jail in the World

This is from my diary,

In the 20th of June, I celebrate a birthday of one of the most “Angelic” friends I have. Even we call him “Angel Magic”.

So, I promised him a gift, which is a hand-made wooden key chain, which has letters on wooden cubes carved with a special wood carver.

Gaza is famous of handcrafts. Because most graduate students complete their education and get out to the world with a degree but nothing to do. So they start their own investment or project. The owner of that shop is a graduate student, graduated about 4 – 5 years ago with a degree in “Finance & Political Science”:!:

So, I wandered around his shop, looking at any other thing that I may use as a gift for any upcoming event. By the way, his prices are remarkably nice. It’s like $3 (US Dollars) for a custom made key chain. So I found the title of this blog, a mug, written on it:

Smile, You’re in the Biggest Jail in the World, Gaza


OMG !! That’s unfortunately true, borders are closed, no jobs, people beating people all the time. And cops are like prison guards, they just bully on people as if they’re convicts. And corrupt as a dead fish, they get along with the “tough” and “powerful” people.

I’m sure you watched prison break. I wish I could break from this prison.

I didn’t buy that mug, although it worth a gag, to have it as a birthday gift. That would be really devastating. Every morning you wake up for your daily caffeine, you grab the mug and LOL !! You’re ruined my day !! 😆


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